Thursday, March 23, 2006

How did we get here?

It seems incredible but we have almost been in New Zealand for three months.

The highlights ahve been our container FINALLY arriving, although not all the boxes are yet unpacked. Meeting some friendly people who have been supportive and encouraging. The visit of Granny and Grandpa. Our first birthdays down under. Jamie turned 10, Luke was 12, Nigel was what Douglas Adam described as the answer to the meaning of life, Craig is 7 tommorrow and Grandpa was just less than the sum of the rest of the birthdays while he was with us.

The boys competed in their first mini triathalon, although Nigel and Craig had to be a team in his event. They are enjoying the extra sport at school and it has been great to have summer two summers in a row having experienced two winters last year.
Ailsa is still getting the house sorted out and has been busy doing assignments for her KiwiOra Orientation to New Zealand programme. Nigel has been finding work a bit frustrating but there has been progress and definately some encouragments.

The downside has been missing family and friends, not sledging when the snow fell in Scotland and everyone sent us pictures, adapting to a new country and culture and pretty much everything taking longer than it should. You can understand the process in theory but culture shock is something you just have to live through in practice.

We do sometimes ask ourselves "What on earth are we doing here?". But we believe that God has brought us here for a purpose, is helping us adapt and is giving us some encouragement. We are thankful for all who stand with us, supporting us here.

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