Saturday, June 24, 2006

Boy Racers

Cross country running has become a new interest in New Zealand. Luke and Jamie both qualified from the school championships to the Zone and Jamie qualified from the Zone to the Inter-Zone. (where he limped home in last place having fallen but finished the course).

Finishing is what cross country is all about and when you stand scanning the horizon as a parent there is always a tinge of relief when one of your own comes into view. There is also pride when you see them crossing the line. The boys have all started running for Olympic Harriers and have been competing on a number of Saturdays. Today was the club championships in Ohariu Valley run through cold, mud and running water. It turned out to be great fun and Jamie was particularly motivated being in the same race, although in a different age category, to Luke which seemed to give him extra energy.

Our life in New Zealand in microcosm. Cold (freezing at the moment!), wet, obstacles to overcome, encouragment, moments of joy and more mess to clean up than there was before we started. Enjoying new experiences and glad to be together.

None of us are amassing medals or trophies at this time. We don't always feel like we are winning. Pray for all of us that we would run the race in such a way as to win the prize. That we would keep going through the mud mindful of a waiting father and a promised prize. We are grateful to all who take the time to shout "C'mon!".

Oh and give thanks for automatic washing machines and biological powder.

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Rory & Annice said...

Congrats on a good start! May the Lord grant you stamina to maintain the pace.