Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Visitors View

Flying over New Zealand it is hard not to struck by the incredible scenic beauty of the landscape. We have mountains, fjiords, lakes, beaches, volcanoes, rivers, islands and geothermal hotspots. It has been great having some visitors with us recently. Colin and Ailsa Morgan came for Labour weekend, Rory and Annice Macleod and family on sabbatical and Ken and Becca Moss backpacking. No one comes in past New Zealand on the way anywhere but at least we live somewhere people want to visit! The challenge that faces us is to see beyond the perspective of the tourist to those who are engaged with the culture and are making a contribution.

The Morgans were our first visitors from Davidsons Mains and we hope they will not be the last.

The boys have all been to parties of friends. Craig has especially liked being at a few birthday parties which has made him feel more accepted and integrated into his class. These two were taken from a Star Wars party which his friend Caleb at church had for his birthday. Craig was Darth Sidious, (who became the Emperor for the unitiated).

Jamie had a particularly successful school sports day. Winning the 400m and the 200m and coming 3rd in the 80m. This puts him through to the Central Zones inter-school day. The boys are all really enjoying the sport in New Zealand and touch rugby will be starting again soon.

Luke has had 3 teeth extracted and a brace fitted. We happened past the tooth jewellery poster the day he had it done. He is coping well with it. My reflection is that tooth jewellery would have been a LOT cheaper!

We have been giving a lot of thought to secondary schooling and Luke is going to stay at St Marks next year. They are starting a secondary school and he won a scholarship which was very pleasing. At time of writing he is heading off to school camp.

Nigel had a great couple of Sundays at Onslow Community Church culminating in a guest service where they had around 40 guests from the community which was really encouraging. Parties to Remember in Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch have been very positive and he is heading off to speak at the IFES Ireland Conference.

Sorry this update is a little overdue. We appreciate all your interest and concern. For those of you who complain there are not enough pictures of Ailsa on here - we present a double portion of Ailsa's for your viewing pleasure.

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