Monday, February 26, 2007

Christmas Past

Our first Christmas in New Zealand felt a little strange. Having always had Christmas in the winter it was strange putting up stockings while it was still light, not being able to see the christmas lights for the sunlight and the boys wanting to play outside before church. The boys got some Maori designed shirts with patterns they had chosen online, waterguns and snorkels - not your typical Scottish festive gifts! We organised a pirate treasure hunt before lunch.

It was great having Grannie and Grandad to share in the day but we did miss getting together with friends and family and missed show and tell with Uncle Jerry at church. We are trying to build new family traditions here and Nigel cooked Christmas dinner on the barbecue. We also enjoyed a rather splendid pavlova and the local beverages including L&P.

The best thing about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere?

We would not have tried this at home...not without our winter woolies.

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Jerry Middleton said...

Hi! Uncle Jerry missed you all as well!