Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday Season

We have been working through all the boy birthdays in the family. At this time of year we have birthdays every two weeks or so with Jamie then Luke then Nigel and then Craig. Our combined age is now heading for 75 (not counting Ailsa - who just pushes it into three figures).

Jamie celebrated by taking a group of friends go-karting. It was a cosmopolitan group. Josh is half Croatian half Pakeha, Nick half Pakeha half Sri Lankan, Jayson and Krishaan are Indian, Aaron is Chinese, Chris is American and Jamie is Scottish. They are all Kiwi kids and illustrate the diversity of the city - which we really enjoy.

The Daytona track also had a mini golf but the highlight was definitely the go karting.

Ailsa picked up the theme with a customised birthday cake. It didn't travel quite as quickly but disappeared at a faster speed.

We enjoyed having the group back to the house for a BBQ lunch afterwards.

Luke has turned into a teenager. It is amazing how fast time passes. He is doing really well and enjoying the start of high school. For his birthday he had two friends to the house for tea and then took them to watch the Hurricanes playing at the stadium. Ailsa again produced a themed cake this time in the shape of a rugby ball and in the Wellington colours.

The game against the Brumbies was Tony and Mehul's first rugby match and Tony's first time at the stadium. The Hurricanes were 4 points down and beseiging the line at our end when the final hooter sounded but managed to score in the corner in the final play of the game which made for a great atmosphere and a one point victory.

For those of you missing Craig - from this post - here he is! Looking forward to his birthday this Sunday.

Nigel didn't have a party or a cake but we did all compete in the Wellington Round the Bays 7 km Fun Run. 10,000 people took part. We are planning on making this an annual event in our calendar and having a competition to see who can first finish the course in less minutes than their age.

Nigel had a good trip back to the UK for a week, interviewed some prospective staff, did some fundraising, saw friends and family and participated in a Vine Trust strategy weekend, a Mission Scotland meeting and a service at Davidsons Mains. Although tiring it was energising and a useful week. I don't recommend going round the world for a week but you can do it! It's a small world but it still takes a while to circumnavigate it.

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