Friday, March 02, 2007

The First Year View

We went to the Chocolate Fish for lunch to commerate our one year in New Zealand. We went the day we arrived in Wellington and chose to celebrate the anniverasy there to establish another "tradition". We don't have many traditions in New Zealand and I am not sure how long you have to do something before it counts as "smething we always do"! We usually take visitors to the Chocolate Fish so it is also a place of happy memories for us.

One year on we are still in a process of cultural adjustment. The boys are feeling more settled starting a second year at school, we feel more at home in our house and feel we have started to make some friends. It is interesting that our house in Edinburgh, which is rented out feels like "the place we used to live" our church in Edinburgh is still something we feel very much a part of. We belong to two church families at opposite ends of the earth and we value the support, prayers and care of the folks at Davidsons Mains immensely. We also miss the community of life in the village and our friends and family. One of the hardest things is not having any "history" with people. It's hard to reminisce with friends you have known for a year. Ailsa is involved helping at church and at the boys school and keeps the home fires burning (especialy the barbecue and the wood burner). The work has been challenging and on good days I think we are making some progress. I had a letter from an older graduate in Auckland recently "I am amazed at how much you have accomplished in such a short time. The clarity of vision, new purpose, growing staff team and increasing income have us rejoicing....You have very quickly become one of us." I was grateful for the encouragement, I don't get that much of it, but I don't "feel" much of it is true and have a stronger sense of what needs to be done than what has yet been accomplished.

We long to see a harvest in these islands, in this nation and around the Pacific Rim, we need more workers and more supporters, we believe new models of high school, student and graduate ministry need to be developed, we have a five year strategy but we know that it will only happen by God's spirit, in God's time, in God's way with God's help. It is the Lord of the Harvest who sends labourers and we ask you to pray that he would and that those who come have a clear sense of being called and sent by Him for the harvest. We have a few people currently considering this call in New Zealand and in other parts of the world.

Grannie and Grandad left after their 6 week trip. My mum did well to conquer her fear of flying and they saw a lot of the country while they were here. It was hard that Great Grannie (my mums mum) died towards the end of their trip. She was 98, had enjoyed a good life and was the last of that generation. In some ways it was good it happened when they were with us but it made the trip home at the end quite tough for my mum.

At the end of their trip we had a great day on Kapiti Island a bird reserve on an island north of Wellington. You have to book well in advance but it was great to see so many birds and to find some floating rocks although the hike to the top was up a steep track that was quite slippery after rain.

Since the grandparents left the weather has improved considerably and the boys continue to enjoy messing about in the water.

But are also developing their own "looks" for more formal occassions.

We are thankful for all who have stood with us in this first year and are grateful for all God's provision. much of time we enjoy the view and thank you for sharing the journey with us.


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