Friday, August 10, 2007

Flying Visits and Homecomings

I had a flying visit to Scotland "on the way home" after the World Assembly. It was 9 degrees when I arrived in the UK, central England was mostly underwater and British Airways had a backlog of 40,000 bags at Heathrow. It was allegedly summer. I was able to see my folks.

I was also able to see friends at Davidsons Mains meet up with Ailsa's parents with Gregor and Jonty in tow.

We had the Annual General Meeting of the Pacific Partnership Trust. It was the first time all the trustess had been there and was an very encouraging and positive meeting. Our personal support budget for this year is around 90 percent of what we need. This is really encouraging and we will be trying to get ten new supporters on board over the next couple of months. I was also able to play our "Longest Day" golf challenge with Stephen which turned out to be the best day by far weather wise that I was in the UK. We could not play the usual course but it was great fun. Katie and my more intelligent twin brother dropped me off at the airport.

I got back in time for the start of the Air New Zealand Cup. The Hurricanes franchise is supported by a number of provinces. So for this competition, if you are wondering who to support, we become Lions!

The boys are becoming more Kiwi. They are still proudly Scottish but we see them changing in little ways; how they talk, what they wear, what they are interested in. I guess they will always be third culture kids now. At home everywhere and nowhere. Ailsa read a book on "third culture kids" when we arrived. The disturbing thing was that she kept telling me how many markers of a third culture child she saw in me.

The Hockey Season is now moving towards its conclusion. Nigel is now coaching three teams. The St Marks 1st X1, the Hutt P2 team and the Wellington Representative Under 11 Development team. It has been a great opportunity to get to know a whole set of people in the community and good fun.

The boys are all enjoying it and are doing well. Luke scored a hat trick this week for his Wellington College Under 15 team.

Jamie has been picked for the Wellinton Rep A Team Under 11. His team and my team will be at the same tournament in Napier in September so we will all go up for the week. Both teams are also playing in a mini tournament this weekend in Levin. The Hutt P2 team continue to challenge and are on course to qualify for the semi-finals. He has a number of friends in the team including Josh.

Craig's 8 a side team is also doing well. He was delighted to get the "Player of the Day" trophy for the first time last week.

There have been quite a few encouragements in the student work. We have heard of a number coming to faith in different cities this week. On Monday we had the leaders from Victoria University round for a meal, a talk and some interaction. They had asked the staff if they could go to the Pollocks - "like last year". One of the comments in the visitors book read: "More yummy food...I can get used to this :) It has been great to be part of something that lives out the gospel and it does speak louder than words. I have learned so much from all of you. For that and much more I am forever grateful." In Asian style most left their shoes at the door.

It feels like Spring is in the air. Which means summer is on the way. Spotted this rather disturbing sign in the Mall. Which seems to be wishing life away too quickly.

I have a few speaking things coming up, including at "The Street" church this Sunday and a Cafe night for 20s and 30s in Petone the week after.

Featured friends this time are the Stewarts. Given all the talk of Hockey - it seems only fair to feature a legend like Alastair.

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