Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jamie in Action

One of the dads of my Wellington Development Team is a professional photographer and kindly took a few photos of Jamie playing for the A team at the same tournament in Levin.

The pictures are great and capture Jamie in action. His hockey has come on a lot and he is really delighted at being chosen for the "Reps".

Given it is kind of far for some of you to come and watch a match, I thought you might appreciate the snaps.


Reason Why said...

Chip off the old block...
Good to see the next generation, although I hope you haven't retired your own hockey stick (is there not a legend's league you can sign-up for?)
Great to catch up on your news and keep up the good work!
Alex McLellan :)

Nigel Pollock said...

I like the idea of playing in a legends league. Perhaps against legendary or better still imaginary people.