Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael

Michael Duncan celebrates his 9th Birthday today. He is a big lad for his age. As well as having fewer birthdays than the norm Michael is the Treasurer of the Pacific Partnership Trust and does a great job. A lot has happened since his last birthday. When he was 8 the Pacific Partnership Trust did not even exist and we had not even thought about moving to New Zealand and the challenges of the Pacific Rim. A lot can happen in 4 years. I sort of divide life into 4 year blocks: Olympic Games and World Cups! Quite striking to think that Jesus entire public ministry was in less than a 3 year block.

Every birthday makes you more aware of your own mortality. I have one of my own coming up on Sunday and am speaking this weekend at Papakura East Presbyterian Church Camp. I remember my 38th birthday as I was speaking in Montreal at an Intervarsity dinner. It seems like yesterday!
Someone once told me that most people over-estimate what can be achieved in one year and under-estimate what can be achieved in 5 years. What can be done before Michael is 10?

Who know - they might even manage to build a stadium on London in time for the 2012 games!
I wonder what we can build in the same timeframe.

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