Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lucy and Luke

Lucy Matthews came to visit for ten days and it was lovely to meet her.

She did of course come with her parents Ken and Fiona. Ken was one of the very first Relay Workers and lived with us for two years including over the period when Luke was born. We joke that he is our oldest child and he is also one of Luke's god parents. Fiona also did Relay after being a student at Edinburgh and it was great to see them both. Ken is having a sabbatical from youth work at Jesmond Church in Newcastle and has been in Australia before popping over "the ditch".

The boys loved having a girl in the house and were delighted to take turns bathing and playing. Jamie thinks he would like a little sister like Lucy.

And in case you were wondering - no - we are not seriously considering it!

To celebrate Luke's birthday we went to Ichiban Teppanyaki which is a Japanese place in Lower Hutt. It had been recommended by friends at church and was really good fun.

The chef cooked in front of us and threw eggs, bits of cooked egg and bowls of rice. This audience participation added a fresh dimension to the dining experience.

Ailsa made one of her spectacular birthday cakes in the shape of a violin. Celebrations on the actual day were delayed until after school since the first pre-season hockey training was at 6.30am.

Luke had a great 14th birthday and is settling in well at Wellington College. He gort a new sports bag, hoodie, towel and shin guards as well as a few books and other bits and pieces. Those who contributed remotely may be able to play spot your present! This time next year Luke could be starting to drive - which is a TOTALLY scary thought.

I am facing the start of a new university year and have trips coming up to the US, to Australia and to Papua New Guinea as well as some speaking at some churches and some church camps. We would appreciate your prayers for us all over the next busy month but we will leave you with the lovely Lucy!

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