Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Do It Part 1 - Music

Sometimes I say to people that a lack of blogging is one of the indications that I am not doing so well personally. I have not blogged for a while so maybe things are pretty grim! Actually I am doing really well but have been really busy which means there are really a lot of things to catch you up on. (Yes I know there were really a lot of "reallys" in that last sentence - it was for dramatic effect). So the problem I have been facing is that the amount of stuff that had built up was starting to paralyse me as I was facing the biggest blog post in the history of blogging. So instead of seeking the perfectly elongated blog I have decided to "just do it" and post some quick fire posts in rapid succession of a thematic rather than chronological nature.

The first of these covers various musical endeavours of the past few weeks.If you click on the picture above you will see an advert for St Marks that was in the Dominion Post Newspaper. Craig is the A in Arts!

Craig had the opportunity to sing at Artsplash. This is an event for primary schools over a week in Wellington where massed choirs are assembled and perform in the Arts Centre.

There is also an art exhibition and a wearable art show as part of the week. It is a massive undertaking but a lot of fun for all the children taking part.

This is filmed from a long way back but does give you a flavour of the fun of the evening and the serious effort of the performers.

Luke has had a fantastic time in the college Chorale. They went on tour to the South Island where he stayed in a vineyard and a motel and did a few concerts en route to the National Finals of the Big Sing in Dunedin. This was a great experience competing as one of the top 20 secondary school choirs in New Zealand.

The chorale competed well and were awarded a bronze medal. The standard was exceptionally high and they worked very hard. You can see the choir performing "Vegetable Milkshake" at the nationals in this Professional Video which is quite like the other home made ones!!! You can also see Kuarongo (which is still my favourite I think), Widmung, Summertime, Ronda Catonga,and In Taberna Quondo Sumus. You might notice they sang in a variety of languages!!

I mentioned before that Jamie had the opportunity of playing his pipes at the Cultural Extravaganza in the Town Hall. I said that I would try to post the video, which I have pleasure in now doing! It was quite emotional and it was quite a venue for his first public performance! Highland Cathedral has always been a tune I have liked but now has added poignancy for us as a family.

More soon!


Ben Carswell said...

The music clips are fantastic - Jen & I enjoyed watching them both this morning.
One of the clips brought smiles to our faces & the other stirred the emotions.
Am glad you've not posted any clips of you singing Nigel - I think we wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Nigel Pollock said...

You don't need clips of me singing you can hear my medley of assorted tunes any time you like in the office! Usually my singing makes people laugh AND cry.

I still find the "Highland Cathedral" clip quite moving (and slightly nerve wracking - he looks so wee wandering out onto the Town Hall stage with the combined choirs and orchestras.

Eileen Morrison said...

He does look wee, but he does so well. Its brilliant!

David and Lorna said...

Great piping. Really enjoyed listening to that.

Nigel Pollock said...

Nice to hear from you Eileen,

He did get a lot of encouragement from the experience including a woman who described him as a great bagpipist!

Glad the Japanese Clan enjoyed it also!

Sue Glasgow said...

Fantastic to see aljj the boys in action, sporting and musically. Well done nephews! xxx

Nigel Pollock said...

Thanks Auntie Sue!

Love to you all.

Lorraine said...

I loved seeing Jamie playing Highland Cathedral! That was great! did you gather the courage to go out there by yourself? Our pipe band plays it, but I've never heard it with an orchestra. Very cool.

Nigel Pollock said...

Thanks Lorraine

I think his parents needed a bit of courage watching too.