Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Flying Visit

It is a long way to New Zealand from Scotland. Door to door travel from Edinburgh to Wellington is over 32 hours. Over 24 of those hours are spent in the air. My last trip back was the 10th time I have flown from the UK to NZ. My parents are currently in the air somewhere en route to New Zealand.

This is no small thing for either of them. My Dad visited New Orleans for a conference about 25 years ago but that is there only inter-continental experience. My Mum has never flown more than two hours and is quite scared of flying. They are planning on being here for 6 weeks which unless they have a bad flight and have to wait for the QE2 to take them home! We are looking forward to having them here and they will be able to come to some end of term school things as well as be here for the summer holidays. They have never stayed with us before - having just lived around the corner in Edinburgh so it is a new experience all round.

If they get lost our house is hidden in the trees - the red arrow shows where.
Since the red arrow is not always available the alternative is to follow the rainbow.

It will be nice to get some sun - we are all looking forward to the holidays but it does seem weird Christmas being in the summer. We watched the Lower Hutt Christmas Parade at the weekend and concluded that being a Santa in the Southern hemisphere is not the best job in the world!

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jodi mclaren said...

Hey Nigel
Just wanted to say that it was great meeting you guys at NTE - I look forward to reading from time to time and keeping you, your family and your ministry in my prayers.
in Him