Monday, December 04, 2006

Scarey Things

In a number of places in New Zealand scarecrows have started making an annual appearance. I guess it is a kind of community art project and seems to catch the imagination. Moores Valley in Wainuiomata this year had over 100 scarecrows. People make their own and display it in their garden. We thought it was great fun and thought you might like to see a few of our favourites.
We are pretty sure these two were scarecrows.

You might recognise this pair.

This scarecrow is so committed, he seems to be going towards the crows.

These scarecrows were fortunate to escape when their plane went down.

But this one was not quite so lucky.

It is pretty impressive the way ordinary people with a vision can be so creative. I reckon that there is a lot more creativity in communities than we often see unlocked and harnessed. It would be great to see churches as places where creativity is expressed and directed and brings joy to the wider community.

On the subject of bringing joy to the wider community, Jamie has taken to practicing his pipes on the deck.

Or he could just be scaring the crows!
Actually Jamie's piping has come on amazingly well and he can now play whole tunes.

More scariness was Luke attending the End of Year 8 Dinner. How did we get to have a child heading to college and accelerating towards his thirteenth birthday?

Granny and Grandad have arrived safely and enjoyed a day out at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

The boys spotted a number of new birds for the first time including saddlebacks, brown teal ducklings, kaka and the stitch bird. (they did not scare any of them at all!)

There were also special events celebrating the centenary of the dam being built including being able to visit the abandoned gold mine and play victorian games, like marbles.

We declined the opportunity to wear Victorian clothing. But the Victorians are not the only people to have a prediliction for one piece swimwear.

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