Saturday, December 16, 2006

School Year Ends

The school year has just ended. The pattern of the year in the southern hemisphere combined with our arrival time here means that there are more endings than we are used to. The end of the academic year will be followed by the end of our first year in New Zealand, followed by the end of 2006.

Grannie and Grandad have been able to be involved in a lot of the end of term functions including seeing Craig dancing, Luke reading prayers at the School Carol Service in Wellington Cathedral and various prizegivings.

The boys all got excellent reports. Craig got his certificate and a merit award, Jamie won one of the three academis prizes for General Excellence prizes in his year and Luke got academic commendation, sports honours and was awarded the Hope Cup for Team Spirit. They all seem to be feeling more settled and have done very well adjusting to a new school system. Davidsons Mains Primary School deserves a bit of credit too for laying good foundations in their education.

Lukes year are going in different directions with about 20 returning to the new St Marks Junior College and the rest going to other high schools. Some of his friends are leaving and he will face more change next year.

He continues to face challenges and change with his usual enthusiasm!

Yesterday we walked a new section of the Inner City Bypass which is about to open in a couple of weeks time. We will drive on this road every day and it should save us 2 minutes a day, 10 minutes a week, 40 minutes a month and approximately 5 hours a year. What will we do with all the extra time? Jamie decided he wanted to be the first to drive a car on the new stretch of road.

I am trying to get things finished for the end of the year including writing some proposals and finishing a book for IVP. There is a lot going on but we are making progress. We are going North for a few days this week. Summer has been slow in coming but Wellington was looking great yesterday.

The boys did some videoing, taking turns as camera operator, presenter and director.

We took my folks up Mount Victoria.

To the Chocolate Fish Cafe and to the Wahine Memorial. It was good to be in the sunshine for a change.

The other big event we have celebrated since our last post is Ailsa's birthday.

We went out for dinner to the Flying Burrito Brothers and had a good day. An adrenaline experience is still to come as part of the celebration/denial (delete as appropriate) of the ageing process. For those (especially Gillian Campbell) who would like to see more of Ailsa in these pages we celebrate her birthday with a couple of extras.

Including one with a rather splendid new hat!


MariaKevin said...

Thank you for the great photos of your family--the boys look as though they have a great sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel, My name is Hamish Campbell i met you at BYM easter Camp and talked with you about our Young adult group, and the possibility of you speaking at our August combined night. the date for this would be Aug 14th 7.30pm if that doesnt suit we can do the 13th as well. still working on venue for this, hopefully a cafe!

Anonymous said...

HI Hamish again, hey we had our first combined young adult evening at the screeming turtle cafe in petone, the nights topic was direction focusing on Vocation and issues surrounding passion, money and faith - we tried to keep the night discussion based which worked well! i dont know how these blog things work so if you need to contact me about my previous post please ring me on 5660467 or 0274821814 or email me on hope to here from you soon Nigle, cheers!