Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Craig's Birthday

After a brief hiatus normal blogging service is resumed. Thought we should mention Craig's birthday before it gets round to his next one!

Craig decided to go ten pin bowling for his birthday and invited a few friends round for lunch where Ailsa had manufactured a rather excellent bowling alley cake.

We like having the boys friends to the house and it has become something of a birthday tradition which they all enjoy.
The standard of the bowling was pretty variable - especially from Dad but a good time was had by all.

The boys also had the opportunity of bowling with the Junior Hurricanes, followed by the chance to watch the Hurricanes training. They were able to meet some of the Hurricanes including Captain Hurricane.

And the legendary Tana Umaga. Former All Blacks captain and local hero who retired from the Hurricanes after the last Super 14 match of the season at the Cake Tin.

The autumn weather has been absolutely fantastic. The best since records began apparently. This continues our record breaking seasons sequence but for once it is a positive record we are breaking! This had allowed plenty of out door activities.

Todays featured friends are the Middletons looking suitably (and appropriately) heroic.

And one of my favourite trees, back left, which I also miss. The trees in Wellington do not really change with the seasons, funny what you miss and what you remember.

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