Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cousins Visit

Fiona and Grant, visited for a couple of weeks with Kirsty, Ross and Shona. We really enjoyed having them here. We probably saw more of them than we would over a couple of years if we had been in Scotland.

This is the nature of many of our relationships now - a famine followed by a feast followed by a famine again! There is excitement when friends or family arrive, joy of renewed friendship, fun experiences and then all too soon tears at the airport.

It was a change having some girls in the house, good to be able to let their family see where our family hang out, including a visit to school one day, and trips to some of our favourite spots in Wellington.

It also makes you realise how quickly children change and grow. Our boys are already "third culture kids" the kiwis all think they sound Scottish and the Scots think they are starting to sound Kiwi.

Finally the weather has started to turn in our favour. having had the wettest winter since records began, followed by the windiest spring since records began, followed by the coldest start to summer since records began we have now had the warmest and sunniest Autumn since records began. All this record breaking is a bit concerning but we have been enjoying this record more than the ones before.

Shona started to show the signs of chickenpox on the plane over. It didn't seem to stop her enjoying herself too much.

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