Sunday, December 16, 2007

General Family News

Overall we are feeling more settled. Wellington is a great city to live in and we have made friends through work, church and sport. We sometimes say to people that we have friends in NZ; we just don't have any old friends here. As we approach our two year anniversary on the 30th of December we have a huge amount to be grateful for.

Ailsa's parents visited in October/November. I was overseas for some of that time but my trip WAS arranged before theirs and we felt it would be helpful for Ailsa to have her folks here while I was travelling. They had a great visit and we had a good few days together in the Wairarapa over Labour Weekend.

For the benefit of Gillian and Flora here is Ailsa with her parents! Ailsa continues to be involved at church and school and is looking at doing some relief teaching next year if she can get her qualifications verified. She may also consider doing a refresher course. We continue to have a variety of people through the house for different lengths of time and are really looking forward to Stephen and Nina coming for Christmas with Katie, Louisa and Alastair and Susan MacDonald in the New Year.

We are moving into denial about the birthdays we are celebrating but did go out for Ailsa's bithday which was fun. (Please note Gillian and Flora this makes 3 pictures in a row featuring Ailsa!!)

The boys continue to grow and get on pretty well most of the time. (The rest of the time they get stuck between a ruck and a hard place as we say here!) We are hoping the influence of visiting girls will have a calming effect.

The boys have all had a great year at school and I will post some highlights from each of them shortly.

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