Sunday, December 16, 2007

Craig's News

Craig continues to enjoy life in New Zealand. He has become particularly interested in WW1 and would like to visit Gallipolli sometime. He has started to collect shells and coins and is still running with Olympic Harriers and wants to play touch rugby after the holidays.

They had a great Education Outside the Classroom week which included a sleepover at the zoo and a fishing trip. All the class caught and gutted their own fish which was a bit gruesome for some of them. The fish came home and was cooked on the barbecue.

Craig had a great teacher this year who he really liked. He enjoyed reading around the world, the fun projects and being in the BP challenge team where they had to construct a waterproof shelter with newspaper.

Craig got a nice surprise at the Junior Prizegiving where he got the prize for being second in year 4. He is looking forward to year 5 in February and is hoping to start learning to play the guitar.

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