Sunday, December 16, 2007

Luke's News

We have had a great spell of weather this spring with late November and early December seeing some long hot days and clear blue skies. Waterfights in the garden help with the cooling off unless the fighting becomes more important than the water between the brothers - in which case temperatures can rise!

Luke has enjoyed year 9 and it has worked out well being able to be stay at the same school for the first year of College. Luke was in the Mathswell Team who came third in the Wellington Regional Maths competition. Maths is not a great spectator sport but it was a huge achievment for such a small school. He was able to play Hockey at Wellington College, which is next door to St Marks and was named most improved player in his U15 Raiders Team.

Luke is still very interested in birds and conservation and was delighted to see his first takahe when Grannie and Grandpa were over and enjoyed a second visit to Kapiti Island, where we had gone for the first time with Grannie and Grandad earlier in the year. We get Tuis, Kereru and Silver Eyes in the garden among more common visitors. Luke also enjoys stamp collecting and now has a reasonable album of bird stamps. His violin playing progresses and his teacher includes some fiddle music.

Luke got a real boost at the end of year prizegiving. He won the cup for Choral Singing, the Year 9 Athletics Cup (admitedly against limited competition) and the English Cup; He also was awarded a bar to his Sports Honours and was awarded Music Honours as well as getting a Commendation and being 3rd in Year 9 overall. This was great way to finish at St Marks and it was pleasing to see his enthusiasm recognised academically, culturally and sportingly (if sportingly is in fact a word).

Many of the kids in Luke's year are moving on to different schools. We are delighted that Luke has a place at Wellington College for Year 10 starting in February. This will mean his fourth school uniform in 4 years but he is really excited at the new opportunies this will provide, not least the potential for some new friends. It should also mean that Jamie and Craig will get places for College.

This is Luke on his last day at St Marks. It has been a good place for him to be and we are grateful to Granny and Grandad for making that possible. The Wellington College Uniform does not have a tie until the last two years - which, judging by his tie tying efforts here, may not be a bad thing. Beyond the awards and achievments of all 3 we are pleased that they try hard, are keen to learn and are interested in a lot of different things.
On a good day they are delightful young men. Any tips on how to increase the percentage of good days will be gratefully received!


Anonymous said...

Good to get your news (& to read Andy's) & to see how your family is growing. I am grateful for the leadership you are giving to TSCF & remembering you in prayer.

Brian Kelly (ex-Dunedin CU, now in Canterbury, Kent)

Nigel Pollock said...

Thanks Brian - always glad to hear from ex TSCF folks around the world. Keep in touch. Nigel