Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pilgrimage in Pictures

Some days you have to be there. The description of events and the recounting of words said does not adequately capture the essence of experience shared. The 26th of September 2009 was such a day. Paul Windsor was celebrating his 50th birthday. To this end he invited a group of friends from the different decades of his life to go on a "pilgrimage" to Marsden Cross. This remote site in Northland marks the place where the first Christian Service in New Zealand was conducted by Samuel Marsden on Christmas Day 1814. Talking to a friend recently I was speaking about seeing things through other peoples eyes. SO instead of a commentary I invite you to share in the experience. What follows is my reflection on the day, pictures are shown in the order they were taken, if you had come along you would have seen some of these things! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you don't know Paul (with the rugged beard above) he is formerly Principle of Carey College, now with Langham; a TSCF board member and a friend who encouraged me to come to New Zealand and has encouraged me since moving here. He is one of the most gifted Kiwis of his generation and it was great to see friends from different decades of his life speak of the impact his friendship has had in their lives. For all the positions we may have and the offices we may hold our enduring impact is in the lives of our friends. As the Maori say: It is people it is people, it is people. Well.... it is people at the cross!


Andy said...

thanks for the photo's Nigel - they capture the day to perfection.

keith taylor said...

well thay capture the half-day that you managed to make it for!

Nigel Pollock said...

Thanks Andy

Keith - I prefer to think of it as two thirds of a day!
And we were really early for point 3 on the itinerary! Besides we had to write Ben's talk, teach Andy Maori, do Mark's hair and awaken my artistic muse. It's a wonder we got there at all.

Stu Johnson said...

Can I come next time please?

Nigel Pollock said...

sure Stu .... when you say "please" you almost always get what you ask for.