Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Changing Students for Life

TSCF has two tag lines. One is: "Reaching Students for Christ. The other is: "Changing Students for Life". I thought at the start of a new academic year it would be encouraging to see a few examples of how that is working out.I got this card in the holidays. It had a warning on the envelope "this is NOT a Christmas card". The picture IS a little unusual but I think it is fantastic. The words inside are below.

Dear Nigel,

Well apparently I’m a vet now (doesn’t feel like it) so will be moving on from TSCF (but hopefully not too far). I can’t really say enough how much TSCF has helped shape my view of the Bible, study, work and ministry – my growth in the Lord has been exponential over the last 5 years because of this fellowship. Thus here is my thanks to all the staff, but to you in particular for what you’ve given up for and input into students like me. May the Lord bless you abundantly in return and may he give you a restful summer with your family.
As for me I’m off overseas for a few months before starting work in NZ. I’ve learnt enough about vet science, now its time to learn a bit about the other inhabitants God put on this earth and what keeps it spinning. Hope this card isn’t too gory for you – it was taken during one of my 1st surgeries, and the title is my prayer.

Regards, Esther

At the end of Minty each of the interns does a presentation on their year. This video is Suey's reflection on the year. She came to faith through the AUT group a couple of years ago. Unfortunately Youtube have removed the audio for copyright reasons but just stick on a CD track of your own in the background to get the effect. It is incredibly encouraging to see such change over a relatively short time. One of the questions she asks as she looks to work in the fashion industry is "If God has given me a flair for design and an eye for colour - how do I use that in light of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission?" I think this is a fantastic question. These are both examples of Changing Students for Life.

As far as the other tag line we are currently in the middle of orientation weeks on campus. The students we are contacting now are the stories of the future. The challenge is not to just to see them as a "the next lot of student" but to connect with them, love them, build relationships with, get them into the Bible, and invest in their lives over years.


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